Sonos – Music Makes It Home Experiment

Sonos –  Music Makes It Home Experiment

Sonos and Apple music wanted to prove the hypothesis that music played out loud could change the way people connect at home. We created this real life experiment and invited influencers and normal households to take part. Launched as part of Apple music and Sonos partnership.

Role: Creative Director


Apple Music & Sonos Experiment Tumblr Experience

30 families 24/7 over 2 weeks is a lot of content, about 2 years worth. The idea was to put most of it out in fun bitesize chunks. Each chunk would be from a family and portray a key finding from the study. Created to be informative and fun, we developed a editing style they enhance each families personalities. Another fun fact this was all edited, designed and uploaded to Tumblr in 4 days, insanity.